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Why Tropical Envy?

This idea started several years ago when I decided to move to the Ross Barnett Reservoir.  I had always wanted to live on the water.  I honestly never thought I would but I kept the dream alive.  I didn't understand why I kept that dream alive until after I settled in.  My daughter graduated from college and it appeared she wanted to stay around Mississippi which I was excited about.  That helped me make the decision and I was determined to find a place on the water.  She helped me and we found a place within a couple of years and settled in.  Once I settled in, I realized that it wasn't about being on the water at all.  It was wanting to feel like I was living a resort style life all the time - not just when we went to the beach.  I quickly realized that you can make every day a tropical resort day.  And of course I mean while working hard at your jobs as well.  I travel a good bit with my job and Florida specifically.  They have the cutest tropical clothes that are super comfortable and great quality.  I love hanging out all day on a weekend in something that makes me feel tropical and fun.  It makes me feel like I'm living the resort life right at home.  I decided to open the boutique so that I could bring these same clothes I find all over Florida to everyone who wants to feel and live that lifestyle at a price they can afford.  And that's why I started Tropical Envy.  It's a lifestyle.  I hope you wear it and live it. 

I'm extremely interested in feedback because I want to build this into what you as a customer wants this to be.  I will appreciate and cherish all feedback and make changes and improvements as I can to do the absolute best in delighting our customers.   

Much thanks for reading and I hope to see you online.