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Tie Dye Tunic with Long Bell Sleeve

Tie Dye Tunic with Long Bell Sleeve

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This tunic has a wonderful tie-dye print that's quite elegant in the way it hangs, with long bell sleeves that brush the wrist. The V-neck styling is enhanced with satin embroidery stitching and silver sequins for a bit of sparkle. 

The 4-point hem is split up the side and includes an embroidery pattern that matches the neckline.

It's a great solution for day to night vacation wear and versatile wardrobe item for any occasion. Perfect resort styling and evening wear.

One size

Colors include Black with White Tie-Dye with White Stitching and Silver Sequins, and Navy/Turquoise/Cream with Turquoise stitching and Turquoise Sequins.

100% Rayon