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Frosted Bamboo Bracelet with Druzy Ice Quartz Agate

Frosted Bamboo Bracelet with Druzy Ice Quartz Agate

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This single strand Frosted Bamboo bracelet features a Druzy Ice Quartz Agate at the center. This bracelet offers a special combination of properties that are valued by traditional Asian practices, with the Bamboo representing virtue and the strength of the Quartz Agate "warding off the evil eye". The 14K gold plate setting for the Agate represents prosperity.

Put this bracelet on and face the world in confident style supported by ancient traditions.

Wear alone or wear as multiples with our other authentic bead collections.

Bead Size: 8mm

Druzy agate stone will range in size from 1.25" up to 2"

Although your item will resemble the photo, each piece is created by hand with unique beads, so no two items are identical.