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GBX SuperFood

GBX SuperFood

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GBX SuperFood™ provides the phytonutrient equivalent of three servings of fruits and vegetables per scoop. This phytobiotic-rich blend delivers cellular level anti-stress benefits and helps protect cells from a variety of different stressors, helping the brain and gut run at peak efficiency
  • Phytonutrient equivalent of three servings of fruits and vegetables per serving*
  • Provides cellular anti-stress benefits (improves stress resilience)*
  • Helps the production of natural anti-stress molecules (Heat Shock Proteins)*
  • Protects cells from damage by oxidative free radicals and inflammatory cytokines*
  • Helps with cellular cleanup processes, which keeps both brains running at peak efficiency*
  • Supports a healthy microbiome*
  • Maintains overall gut integrity

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