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Retro Faux Wood Sunglasses - Dark Brown

Retro Faux Wood Sunglasses - Dark Brown

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Finding the right pair of glasses is easy with a large selection of designer and top-quality frames. Our Retro Optix Faux Wood sunglasses have become very popular throughout the years due to their unique styles and colors. Our sunglasses are designed to be striking and fashionable.



Find these trendy glasses all over South Florida, Southern California and every resort north or south.  These high fashion glasses are priced between $20-$40 to make them affordable comparing to high dollar fashions that range from $150-$220.



Sunglasses are not just for summer, as South Floridians well know. But glare isn't the only thing to be concerned about — winter or summer. Protection is important and we've got you've covered. 



Color: Assorted / Random



Lenses: UV400 (Blocks 99.9% UVA & UVB)