Vines Islandwear - Castaway X Sandal
Vines Islandwear - Castaway X Sandal
Vines Islandwear - Castaway X Sandal
Vines Islandwear - Castaway X Sandal

Vines Islandwear - Castaway X Sandal

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We got the Blues for you! Castaway in X-toe is a blue-jean's dream date.  Part of our 2020 Vines Originals Washed Collection, Castaway's soft blue blend is an eye-catching neutral perfect for every day and every 'wear.' ;)  Also available in our Freestyle silhouette or go Comfy with Castaway Slide on … oooooh la la!



About Vines Islandwear

Vines Islandwear Originals are vegan and feature eco-friendly soles with a blend of recycled tire rubber infused with a light Tropical scent™ to bring the island to your toes - wherever you may roam! 

Vines look good, feel good, and SMELL good! We bring the island to your toes with our delicious soles infused with an organic coconut scent.  Vines was founded in the Virgin Islands, are produced in Leon, Mexico, and are headquartered in Nashville, TN.

Each pair of Vines Islandwear sandals includes our dangling Vines charm, memory foam heel comfort, high quality polyester braiding, vegan lining, and more!


True to small/narrow. If you are a half size, we do suggest rounding up as our Vines Originals are a blend of American and European cuts for a stylish, feminine shape. If you have a higher arch or a wider foot, move up a whole size. Many people can wear multiple sizes depending on the style and preferred fit (a tight hug or more wiggle room).  Using the slip knots, our sandals can be slightly adjusted to best fit your foot size & shape.  


Our materials are North American - sourced and purchased directly by Michelle and Liz - from the United States and Mexico. The braiding is a safe, high quality polyester - it is form-fitting and strong to "give" without stretching. Our custom Vines soles are created with vegan materials, including a lightweight, flexible recycled tire rubber blend outsole and a safe, wipeable polyurethane insole. Our added heel insert is memory foam for extra comfort!




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